[NEWS] Big Bang comeback show on SBS strained MBC & KBS!

The decision of airing the 1-hour comeback special of BIGBANG on SBS has strained MBC and KBS up. BIGBANG’s comeback to the Korea showbiz is regarded by many as the biggest issue in this year. From 25th to 27th, they will hold ‘Big Show’ at Seoul Olympic Stadium. The fierce tickets competition can be ascribed to the eagerness of the fans to see their comeback.


Therefore, the airing of BIGBANG’s comeback show on SBS will certainly garner high viewing rates. SBS has not aired an-hour-long special programme except for Taiji. That is why this is an unprecedented comeback and we can expect the best performances from the programme.
SBS has promised to prepare the very sound set of facilities for their special show in order to tell us the story of the strategy of YG’s making BIGBANG’s comeback album and how they are focusing on the preparation of the big show.
In the past, 2NE1 and the solo activities of BIGBANG’s members have been shown in SBS Inkigayo which shows the support of the channel towards their activities. It is another reason why the comeback special will be aired on SBS.
Moreover, in order to understand the reason of airing the comeback special on SBS instead of MBC and KBS. we have to look back at the very beginning. There were times that BIGBANG had to stop their local promotion of their albums in order to advance into the Japan market. The cutting of the local promotion activities somehow distress the TV channels’ schedules.
At that time, SBS broadcasted their Japanese activities first which further tightened their relationship with BIGBANG. It was not long ago that SBS and TBS (*a Japanese TV channel) jointly organised the Seoul-Tokyo Music Festival in which we can see tens of thousands of Japanese fans chanting to BIGBANG. It once again proved how supportive SBS is to the group.
SBS has not yet released the new songs of BIGBANG for they are preparing for the comeback confidentially and wholeheartedly at this moment.
Source: OSEN via bbvipz
Translated and Edit: Rice+Est@BigBangWORLD

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