[NEWS] Big Bang and 2NE1 reshaped the map of Idols



How will the world map which has already been swept with the Korean wave change in 2011? Kara has just been recovered from their crisis of breaking up and other news of the idols have just intensified the atmosphere of the fierce competition among the Korean idols in Spring. The Korea idol groups and the females groups are facing their greatest war ever regarding the conquering of the Asian markets.
For Japanese fans, they have once been failed for the break up of DBSK but while the girl groups like Girls’ Generation and KARA advanced in their market one by one, Korean wave has once again been rampant in Japan. This year, the ‘Aces’ of YG, BIGBANG and 2NE1 will also be advancing into this market and they have showed their confidence of ‘achieving success in Japan’.

The preparation of BIGBANG’s comeback after their 2-year break by BIGSHOW has basically finished. After completing their promotion of the new album, they will devote themselves to the promotion in Japan. On the other hand, 2NE1 who gained great popularity after releasing their 1st album last year, they have just enjoyed a 2-week vacation at the beginning of this year which is the treat given by their company before they advance into the Japan market. Now, both BIGBANG and 2NE1 have got themselves ready and started counting their time in conquering the Japan market.
The president of YGE, Yang Hyun Seok has also put forth the following blueprint at the same time while he announced the advancement ofBIGBANG and 2NE1 into the Japan market, ‘BIGBANG is preparing to hold another round of concerts in Japan starting from May with the target of reaching 160000 fans. Although by now, they have only stayed in Japan for about 1 week to promote, they will employ a more active and aggressive way to promote in Japan in the coming year.’
According to him, BIGBANG and 2NE1 are different from the idol or female groups of the Korean wave nowadays since they would totally concentrate on promoting in Japan with no distraction of doing activities in Korea showbiz for the promotion periods for the two places have already planned beforehand.
He further elaborated, “We had the idea of introducing 2NE1 into the Japan market last year but I thought that as a rookie group, they should have concentrated in the local showbiz. Therefore, we postponed the plan. After they have finished the promotion of their 1st album in Korea, they will be promoting in Japan starting from February.” which has revealed how ambitious YGE is towards the Japan market.
Source: Osen
Chinese Translation: 吱吱@ bigbangfamily.com
English Translation: Rice@BigbangWORLD

Credit: Tazanya@YGLadies

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