[NEWS] YG Artists will not promote on Music Bank in the future




Artists from YG Entertainment, one of the largest agencies, are expected to not be seen in the future in KBS 2TV Music program ‘Music Bank’.

On the 27th YG officials explained in an interview, “Despite the fact that YG members G-Dragon and TOP, as well as Seungri, are currently having activities, they have not once appeared on KBS 2TV ‘Music Bank’ this year.“

He continued, “GD&TOP and Seungri who are already promoting at MBC’s Music Core and SBS’s Inkigayo almost every week, we consider it unlikely that they’ll be able to perform on other music programs“

“Furthermore, in the future for a considerable period YG artists will not appear on ‘Music Bank’, for Big Bang’s comeback in February, this will be the same too,” he said.

Some in the music industry have assumed that this occurred because YG refused to let his artists attend KBS’s Gayo in 2010 because they disagreed with the idea of giving out an award at a festival.

However YG’s side once again cleared up the rumors and stated, “There’s not a bad relationship between us and Music Bank‘.

Source: DaumTranslated: alee @ ibigbang

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