[NEWS] GD and TOP’s “Don’t Go Home” Banned on MBC, but requesting for retrial without modification

“Knock Out”, the title song of Big Bang’s G-Dragon and TOP duo unit’s first album, has been banned from KBS, MBC, and SBS, the three major terrestrial broadcasting stations.

Moreover another title song “Don’t Go Home” has also been banned from MBC.

This morning, Big Bang’s company YG Entertainment (YGE), said to Moneytoday Starnews, “about getting “Knock Out” banned, we were a bit expecting that to happen, so we are not planning to request the retrial, but we are a little surprised at MBC’s decision about “Don’t Go Home”.”

Continuing to speak, “We don’t think “Don’t Go Home” has any problems, so as the other broadcasting stations, KBS and SBS didn’t ban it. Meanwhile we were surprised at MBC’s decision banning “Don’t Go Home”. but considering MBC have their reasons too, we’ll request for a retrial politely this time.”

YG also added, “We think TOP’s rap in “Don’t Go Home” is considered to be the problem, but please understand that they’re just lyrics.” They also emphasized, “We are not modifying the lyrics in the process of requesting for the retrial.”

TOP’s rap consists,

”I don’t want this awkward atmosphere, Is the sound of the clock usually this loud? I just hear the swallowing sound in my neck. What should I say? Look baby, I just want to greet the morning with you, Before the night ends, a secret party for only the two of us, But you’re like a Cinderella, you wanna leave when the clock strikes 12, A night by myself is too long, callin’ up to your parents, I’m pretending to be strong but I feel uneasy”

Meanwhile the other song “Knock Out” is banned from the three major terrestrial broadcasting stations for the name of the song is spoiling the national psyche.

G-Dragon and TOP’s duo unit is now performing their 5 title songs, “High High”, “Oh Yeah”, “Knock Out”, “Don’t Go Home”, & “Baby Good Night”, of their first full album released on Dec. 24th 2010.

Source: star.mt.co.kr
Translated by: HuisuYoon @ 21bangs.com

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