[MISC][LYRICS] GDTOP Intro Translation

Yo, When I’m loving I immerse my girl
I’m sizzling, so that your mouth makes a “huk” (sound Huk is onomatopoeia for a gasp)
I know how to play, player don’t be funny with my money
When earning money earn it convincingly so it makes an “uk” (sound Uk means hundred millions)
Hater’s nights are long, Good night
My only equal is “Man in the Mirror“‘s two men
Born on 88/08/18
Just looking at that I have more luck/fortune than you (An 8 is pronounced as “pal” and luck/fortune is pronounced “palja” but “palja” also means number of 8s, and you can’t have more 8s in your birthday than GD, so he’s saying no matter how hard you try you can’t match his fortune)
My height is small, but my girl is tall (Tall is pronounced “Kiko” so he’s probably making fun of his scandal with Mizuhara Kiko)
My voice is thin, but my pants zipper won’t stay up
Trust me and do what you want, I’m your G-spot
I got the dragon ball, that’s the tip of the iceberg
(Who’s next?) T.O.P start
If you didn’t know, Now you know


My playground called Seoul
I shout at the centre of the youths
The city that wants and goes crazy for me
You don’t know me, I’m not your little idol star
I pity those who want to get close to me
I don’t exist in your reality
I’m only a bumblebee you can meat through your speakers or earphones
I’m a young’un that lives a different life on the screen
Yes yes-ya, My name is TOP
I’m special, An eccentric artist
Yes yes-ya, Are you listening?
My rap is literature, a new culture
Oh sometimes a rock star like Rolling Stones
A fearless new experiment started
I don’t know fear, I don’t know
If you didn’t know, Now you know
If you didn’t know, Now you know


Lalala Make some noise, “Oh Yeah”, You’re already a slave for me
Lalalala “Don’t Go Home”, Soon you’ll be “Knocked Out”
Lalala “Of All Days” It feels like I’m having a “Nightmare”, “Turn It Up” now
Lalalala “Baby Good Night”, (“Oh Mom”), In a dream “High High” 

Credit: flibbertigibbet@6theory.com

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