[POLL] Who is you NIRVANNA? (Who wore it better?)

GD wore this monkey beanie in the airport in one of the many times he’s been in and out of Korea while 2pm’s Nichkhun was spotted wearing it for the JYP Nation’s Christmas Carol Photoshoot.

Now,enough detailing…proceed to thinking and staring…



cr: 21bangs.com

4 thoughts on “[POLL] Who is you NIRVANNA? (Who wore it better?)”

    1. oh, im not sure though. >< im sorry, you know GD.. he has very wide sources for his fashion statements, so, it will probably be hard to trace where he bought this. T_T

      but nonetheless, if we found out where, we'll surely post it here. ^^ thank you for commenting, did you vote already"? 😀


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