[NEWS] G-Dragon’s fans donate over $18,000 to a hospital under his name

G-Dragon’s 23rd birthday seems to be getting wilder every second! We have already seen the mighty Flo Rida congratulate the superstar personally through twitter, but it now seems like it’s his fans’ turn to join the party.
On behalf of G-Dragon, a group of his fans (aka G-Dragon’s Supporters) gathered to raise over $18,000 for Seoul University Children Hospital. This isn’t actually their first time to support the ones in need under G-Dragon’s name, as they’ve already donated over $10,000 yearly for Catholic Saint Hospital for the past couple years.
Personally, I believe raising money for good cause like this one is much better than to spend them on a pricey newspaper ad. What do you think?

credits to: www.allkpop.com

A/N: Is this good or bad? Well, the money will be used to help those in need so that makes it good, right? ^^ And they wholeheartedly raised and donated money, it’s not like YG or GD obliged them to do so. happyGDay! (I still have a hangover! haha.)

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